Hi-Top Top 10 NHL players (in NHL 94)

In case you haven’t noticed it’s Stanley Cup time. The expansion LV Golden somethings are tied 1-1 with the Washington Capitals and that’s all well and good but what true Puckheads really want to debate is which players was the #1 Go-To dominant force in NHL 94. Its a question that has baffled the greatest hockey minds in the world for the better part of 25 years and Hi-Top has thankfully come to the rescue to settle the debate for once and all time. Just like the best hockey match there were fistfights and tears and screaming and laughing in Hi-Top HQ as the list was narrowed down and believe you me when #1 was settled on it was NOT who we thought it would be when we started this epic journey. So without further ado:

Hi-Top Top 10 Players in NHL 94

10. Mario Lemieux

One of the best all-time but merely good in NHL 94 despite having a perfect 100 rating. True that makes no sense but facts is facts and Super Mario just wasn’t as super as some other guys in video game form.

9. Ray Bourque

The best Blue Liner by far. Not the most fun – that’d be Al Iafrate but certainly 77 was the best.

8. Pat LaFontaine

The Sabres front line was nasty. LaFontaine & Mogilny all day.

7. Steve Yzerman

The Red Wings were a top 3 pick for sure and Stevie Y was the offensive juggernaut.

6. Jeremy Roenick

Despite being one of the all-time jackasses on planet Earth, JR was super dominant on THE dominant team in NHL 94. The real reason for the Blackhawks utter impossibly to beat status though goes to another who shall soon be revealed.

5. Wayne Gretzky

The Great One’s overall rating wasn’t as high as a lot of lesser players but even so Gretzky always got the goals when needed.

4. Teemu Selanne

Teemu was the hidden gem. Not many choose to go with the Jets but if you knew you knew and Selanne was a killer.

3. Pavel Bure

Not sure what the official stats say but anecdotally Bure was the fastest skater in the game and it wasn’t even close.

2. Alexander Mogilny

Mogilny was a BEAST. The Sabres were easily the most fun offensive team in the game. The LaFontaine/Mogilny connection was the most superior 1-2 combo no question.

1. Ed Belfour

A goalie at #1? Yes and it really isn’t even a debate. Belfour was a brick wall. Roenick and Larmer and Chelios were all great but Belfour was the reason Chicago was the ” No you can’t pick them” team whenever things got real in the Rec Room.

That’s it. That’s the list. And once again Hi-Top is right and your opinions are wrong.

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