Bret Michaels is getting $75,000 a gig?????? What?!?!?!?

ESPN recently put out a story on musical acts that play before and after NASCAR races:

On its face it’s a nothing new here story. Musical acts and sporting events go hand and hand these days but the piece does offer up some interesting tidbits on what some musicians charge for these performances:

Facts is facts and the fact is these figures are NUTS.

$50k for the Gin Blossoms. They had 4 great songs – 25 YEARS AGO!

$75K for Bret Michaels and you don’t even get to see him have a hissy fit with CeCe DeVille????

Uncle Kracker?????? We’re talking about Uncle Kracker getting headline gigs???? The immensely terrible Kid Rock’s even less talented sidekick commands $30K??????

Listen, if someone wants to pay Sweet Baby James a cool $1 mill to play Fire & Rain well sure it’s your money I guess and everyone knows Bruno Mars works his ass off to put on a show so I suppose $750K is a decent price…but who in the ever living hell are the X Ambassadors and why are they getting $100K to do anything??????

It baffles the mind to see the money being thrown at washed up hasbeens but good for the Gin Blossoms of the world I guess that they can trot out Hey Jealousy a half dozen times a year and still make more money than your average working stiff.

All this proves one thing, the Lil Dogg should have never given up on that plastic recorder in Second Grade. Damn you Three Blind Mice. Damn you straight to hell.

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