There is ABSOLUTELY no need for Top Gun 2

That’s it. Hollywood has finally broken the Lil’ Dogg.


They are really actually honest to God no joke not a parody not a Funny or Die skit making Top Gun 2:


There’s is no reason to do this. Tom Cruise is 55 effing years old!!!!!! This movie will NOT be good. In fact it will most definitely be terrible. Cruise hasn’t made a good action movie since maybe Collateral. I suppose the last few Mission Impossibles are okay but c’mon….Top Gun 2….really?….really?????

Just make a new movie.

You’re telling me you couldn’t write a kickass military movie starring one or any of the Chris’s. Pratt, Evens, the other one. Hell throw all of them in it and make Cruise the retired old guy. Just don’t stick 100 year old Cruise in the cockpit and pretend he’s 30 years old again. Just. Don’t.

Please Hollywood. Stop the madness.

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