The Real Gag Artists of the NFC Championship: Sean and Drew

Today, Big Rog bravely took questions from pre-selected reporters in Atlanta:

As if we didn’t know it was coming, one of the key topics was officiating, and seemed to be specifically based on the NFC Championship Game.

This cannot be a surprise. Seems like nobody in Atlanta, or across the airwaves, can even mention the Rams without noting that the refs “put them in the Super Bowl”. A friggin US Senator took time on the Senate floor to bitch and moan about “the call”…or the non-call, as it were.

Look…it was a shitty call. A giant screw job. But everyone needs to shut the hell up about it. I do feel bad for the fans of the Saints. But not because of the refs. It’s because after being saddled with the KOAL (King of all Losers) Archie Manning as their most famous alum, now they need to root for such overrated choke artists.

Let’s all please, put the blame where it lies. Like with:

Sean Payton:

This Saints come out of the 2-min warning, 1st and 10 at the Opponents’ 13, the Rams with only two time outs. It’s a tie game. And this overrated bonehead calls on first down…A PASS PLAY?! You have ONE job in that situation, make sure the damn clock is running. But no, this blowhard is so high on the smell of his own flatulence, he thinks he can rewrite the history of football. Then, after getting stuffed on second down, Payton calls….ANOTHER PASS PLAY. Buddy, you haven’t done shit this decade, get over yourself.

Seriously, guy? Worst case scenario, you should be up 3, just under a minute left, and the Rams with no TO’s. Instead, you’re at 1:41 and the Rams still have a TO. That’s a world of difference. But maybe you can get a stop from….

The Saints’ Defense:

Guess again, hotshot. Goff, the stiff from the first half, all of a sudden is Joe Cool, and got to mid-field no problem. Couple more simple completions, they’re well within FG range. These Cajuns put up as much fight as their French ancestors.

Well, thank the good lord and Bobby Boucher for at least letting the Bayou Boys win the coin toss, because they get to put their season in the hands of their All-Time Great (in a dome) quarterback…

Drew Brees:

Oh wait…he threw a pick. On an ill-advised SECOND DOWN throw??? So, this “future hall of famer” had a chance to lock up a trip to the SB, at home, against a coach who could practically be his son, and a QB who definitely could be, and he choked it away???

Seriously, this play is disgustingly bad. What a joke of a big game player.

I guess this shouldn’t be too great of a surprise. I know they’ve won a ring, but the Brees-Payton Era should go down as one of the most disappointing, underachieving Eras and tandems of all time. Two of the most WILDLY overrated people in the history of the NFL.

And when all is said and done…those two bitches will be will be blaming it all on the goddamn referees.

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