Not a Good Week for Trolls

The Super Bowl is usually a bastion for trolling…it’s like, well, the Super Bowl for trolling. But this year things seem a little different.

Whether it’s lack of preparation, or poor execution, trolls have been taking it on the chin. Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about:

Dan “Shank” Shaughnessy

Shank, as we’ve covered here before, is a legend. He’s Trollus Emeritus. But in the wake of his releasing his Hall of Fame ballot, he had a stupid quote that Schilling should “stand in the corner for a year” and he might earn his vote back. Now, hate Schill all you want- but make no mistake, this is basically the equivalent of resident moron Laura Ingraham telling Lebron to “shut up and dribble”.

And Shank got called out for it, by many, including on the air by WEEI talker, and recipient of 2 Tom Brady gift-wrapped SB rings, Christian Fauria. Even though Fauria was surprisingly coherent in his ripping of Dan, Shaughnessy still felt the need to confront him on radio row.

I give Shank credit for defending himself, but I have to think going toe to toe with a guy who could literally kill him with one backhand was NOT what Dan had in mind for Super Bowl Week. Chalk up an L for the OG Troll.

Pittsburgh News Guy

You’re a producer of the 4pm news at some station in Pittsburgh…you’re not exactly expecting to get noticed by anybody. So when this guy decided to give Steeler fans a little something to laugh about- and escape their miserable and depressing existence for a minute- and troll Pats’ fans in the process, the last thing he expected was for it to become national news.

Cards on the table, I LOVED this. Thought it was an A+ troll job. Really solid work. As it turns out, the people who run his station do not agree. The guy got FIRED for this?!?! Apparently, these adwizards didn’t like that the entire country was talking about their bullshit newscast, and are much happier with it only being known to the 1200 people watching it on TV’s in Nursing Home rec rooms, that nobody knows how to change the channel on.

UPDATE: I wanted to back this guy 100% but apparently there has been a GoFundMe set up for/by him, and I can’t stand for that shit. Dude, you shouldn’t have gotten fired, but you knew there was a chance. Grow up and go get a job. BTW, I hope to god nobody gave to this…there are plenty of worthy causes…find one of them.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: The would-be beneficiary of the GoFundMe has said the proceeds will be sent to a Pittsburgh Charity in Tom Brady’s name. I commend him for this, and now fully backing him. *thanks to an astute follower for pointing this out to me

The Boston Globe

The Red Sox-owned Boston Globe came out with yet another attempt at a Patriots’ rip job this week. Seriously, guys, do you think we don’t know what you’re up to. Thankfully this was available on because you bet your ass I’m not forking over one red cent to those blowhards.

The article goes on to say a bunch of shit that I can’t recount, because it’s a biased piece of shitty “journalism” that has become all too common at the Globe (see: Cullen, Kevin). But here are some highlights:

  • Quoted a “man on the street” who it took one day for twitter peeps to find quoted in other “man on the street” quotes by the same “journalist”
  • The two businesses they cite are a souvenir shop at South Station that nobody would actually shop at and The Fours which, while a great bar, is located at North Station and wouldn’t be a good barometer for Patriots’ fans
  • This was written 3 days after 30-something friggin’ THOUSAND people went to Foxboro to watch guys in $600 wool jackets get on busses for no other reason than they love the Patriots.

Clearly a huge LOSS for the Globe and the glorified intern that “researched” and “wrote” this awful corporate-mandated pile of shit….nice try Globe.

In conclusion, I’m usually all for the trolling. Trolls are a great key to our nation. But, man…you can’t be this lazy. Do your research. Come up with a better take. And DO YOUR JOB!


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