Hi-Top Hoops – Chef Chet Cooks, Gonzaga Rolls UCLA

Number 1 vs Number 2????

More like Number 1 and then everybody else.

The Gonzaga Bulldogs steamed rolled the UCLA Bruins to win something called the Empire Classic but more importantly Mark Few and his drinking buddies have finally started listening to the (internet) streets. The ‘Zags #LetChetCook and cook he did:

Our man Chet had himself a night showing pretty much every facet of his game which is basically anything you could possibly do on a basketball court. And oh yeah he’s nine feet tall.

If there were any doubters, any non-believers left before this game then there can’t possibly be any left this morning. Chet dazzled. Chet dominated. 6-8 from the field. 2-4 from deep. Show stopping length of the court drives. Awe inducing blocks. Chet did it all. What more could you possibly want in a 20 point dismantling of the supposed second best team in the nation.

And since it’s the season to be thankful, we can all thank the Great Hoopster in the Sky that we get more Chet this Thanksgiving weekend as the ‘Zags get to embarrass Duke Friday night. Now that’s gonna be fun.

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