The College Baseball Season Starts TODAY!! Hi-Top Top 5 Most Funnest Things to Watch For in the Upcoming Season

It may be 20 degrees with a foot of snow on the ground but guess what folks?????

🗣It’s baseball season!!!!!

Sure the MLB Owners might at this very moment be trying to sabotage yet another year of Big League Ball cuz apparently that’s what billionaires do for fun but that can’t stop us Hardball Headz from getting our diamond fix cuz the most entertaining brand of ball is back y’all!

The College Baseball season starts today!

Now last year this pup declared “College Baseball is the new College Basketball” and damn skippy the collegiate dirt dogs did not disappoint. And if I do say so myself 2022 is going to be even better. So let’s get right to it and discuss the Hi-Top Top 5 Most Funnest Things to Watch For in the Upcoming 2022 College Baseball Season

5. The Virginia Tech Homer Hammer

The Hokies may be starting the 2022 season unranked but they still have the #1 ding dong celebration in the nation.

4. The Dude

Mississippi State’s home field – Dudy Noble Field aka The Dude – is the premier college baseball palace. With a $68 million facelift and as reigning Natty Champs The Dude will abide in 2022, that is for sure.

3. #VandyBoys

The Commodores lost the #1 and #2 pitchers in college ball and are coming of an epic loss in the World Series final to Miss State. Saying 2022 is gonna be a redemption year is putting it lightly indeed. Vandy Baseball doesn’t rebuild. They simply reload. They start the year at #3 in the polls and nothing short of a National Title will be acceptable. Will the #VandyBoys get it done again?

2. Jacob Berry

The number one rated bat in all of college ball transferred during the off season from Arizona to LSU. Not too often do you see that. LSU and Berry start the year ranked #8. All eyes are going to be on the switch hitter as he faces off against tough SEC competition. Will Berry be the difference for the Tigers in 2022?

1. Dongs

To put it plainly the Lil’ Dogg is predicting A LOT of home runs in college baseball this upcoming season. And why is that good sir? Well obviously for one – home runs are awesome. But really the reason is college pitching is going to be very very not good in 2022. The best rated arms are all either coming off surgery or still recovering from surgery. The best ranked college pitching prospect is rated in the low 30s of overall player pools. There is simply not enough good arms in college ball this year. Ergo we are going to see a lot of long balls. Which is fine by me. College baseball is something that the MLB seems intent on trying their darndest not to be – Capital F Fun! Give me all the dongs. Give me mullets and mustaches, choreographed celebrations, and stupid props. I want it all! Let the games begin!!!!!!

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