KY Coal Miner Reignites Calipari- Pitino Rivalry

If you missed it, Kentucky Coal Miner Michael McGuire raced home from a long day at work to get to Rupp Arena and watch the Wildcats game with his son.

Kentucky coach and well-known great guy John Calipari (after definitely having noticed this himself and not being told about it) was touched by this father-son moment, and took to twitter to make a very generous offer.

Coach Cal’s gesture gained national awareness, and apparently came across the desk of rival coach Rick Pitino. The embattled Iona coach, not to be outdone, sought out an unfortunate fan and made an offer of his own.

I have to say, that is an extremely generous offer from Tricky Rick. Not only VIP ticket, but a private dinner with him at his restaurant? Incredible.

It’s great to see these standup guys reaching out to take care of the less-fortunate fans. Truly heart-warming.

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